Bournville Village Green - A wonderful open space!

The Bournville Village Green is in Bournville, and is around The Rest House. Between Linden Road and Sycamore Road. Surrounded by buildings from the early 20th century.


                                                   Where is Bournville Village Green?

Bournville Village Green is located at 49 Sycamore Rd, Birmingham B30 2AD

Bournville Village GreenBournville Village Green (April 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown

Bournville Village Green is maintained by the Bournville Village Trust. In the middle is The Rest House, built in 1914 for the silver anniversary of George & Elizabeth Cadbury. Now the Carillon Visitor Centre.

Winter at Bournville Village Green

The trees are bare of leaves, and you sometimes might see it snow in Bournville. Gets quite frosty too.

Bournville Village GreenBournville Village Green (February 2018). Photography by Elliott Brown


Spring at Bournville Village Green

Wondeful displays of daffodils each April.

Bournville Village GreenBournville Village Green (April 2010). Photography by Elliott Brown


Autumn at Bournville Village Green

Leaf fall around September and October each year is wondeful to see, the changing of the colours of the leaves.

Bournville Village GreenBournville Village Green (October 2011). Photography by Elliott Brown

Project dates

25 Apr 2021 - On-going


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