Public Squares across Birmingham

Birmingham’s impressive public squares are so important to the City and are much admired by both visitors and people who live in Birmingham. Take our feature for more.

Birmingham’s public spaces and squares have played, and continue to play, an important role in the City Council’s urban design strategy

Birmingham is a great example of how well designed and developed city squares and interconnected streets can enhance the experience for both visitors and people who live in the city.

Birmingham's public squares and spaces are connected with direct and pleasant pedestrian links and they portray a city that recognises the value and importance of its heritage and history whilst maintaining a vision of growth, creativity and innovation. 

Take our Trail for a fascinating walk through the city taking in many of the public squares.  Take the post links and related features to find out more and enjoy our gallery full of great images shared with us by the city's community.

Victoria Square, Birmingham (B1)

Victoria Square, Birmingham. Photography by Daniel Sturley.

Victoria Square located in the heart of the City is home to the Council House and the Town Hall, two wonderful architectural examples of Birmingham's fascinating history. 

As can be seen from the above, Victoria Square is a magnet for keen photographers.  

Two works of art that can be seen in Victoria Square are the statue of Queen Victoria and The Rivert Art, more commonly known as 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi', by Indian sculptor Dhruva Mistry.

'Floozie in the Jacuzzi' in Victoria Square. Photography by Daniel Sturley.

Connect HERE for more about Victoria Square incorporating maps, photography and articles from community.


Chamberlain Square, Birmingham (B3)

Chamberlain Square is where a modern and thriving Birmingham connects with the City's amazing history and heritage. 

Chamberlain Square, Birmingham. Photography by Daniel Sturley.

Between 2010 and 2020, the square was completely redeveloped.

Chamberlain Square is at the heart of the Paradise scheme with One Chamberlain Square and Two Chamberlain Square being the two flagship builds of the Paradise development.  

One and Two Chamberlain Square, Birmingham. Photography by Daniel Sturley.

For more about Chamberlain Square, including maps, amazing photography and posts connect HERE.


Cathedral Square, Birmingham (B3)

Cathedral Square in Birmingham is home to the city’s majestic St Philips Cathedral.

Built in 1715 as St Philip’s Church in the Baroque style by Thomas Archer, the Cathedral celebrated its 300 year birthday in 2015. It was granted Cathedral Status in 1905 for the then newly formed Diocese of Birmingham. Refaced in stone by J A Chatwin from 1864-9, the Cathedral features Edward Burne-Jones windows. The cathedral was bombed during WW2 in 1940 and restored in 1948 but the Burne-Jones windows were removed early on in the war and were saved.

Burne-Jones windows at St Philips Cathedral. Photography by Elliott Brown.

Centenary Square, Birmingham

Centenary Square is located in a prime central position in Birmingham. It is host to many of the City's civic and cultural attractions including the International Convention Centre, the Birmingham Symphony Hall, the Repertory Theatre and The Library of Birmingham. 

Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square, Birmingham by Daniel Sturley.

Centenary Square was named in 1989 to commemorate the centenary of Birmingham achieving City Status. 

The design of the square is unlike any other. The most distinctive and radical feature is the ‘Hall of Columns’, which is a grid of 43 slender columns, each 25 metres tall and poke above the Library terrace level.

Centenary Square, Birmingham.  Photography by Daniel Sturley.


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