The Wesleyan, Birmingham, UK - City architecture

The Wesleyan is home to Wesleyan and General Assurance Society. It was built between 1988 to 1991 on the site of the former Gaumont Cinema.

The Wesleyan


B4 6AR

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Photography: Daniel Sturley


Architects: Peter Hing and Jones

Construction;  To be added

Head Office: Wesleyan and General Assurance Society


In brief

Construction of The Wesleyan began in 1988 and continued until about 1991. The Wesleyan was built for the Wesleyan and General Assurance Society by Peter Hing & Jones.

Built of pink granite, it has a central core with an upside down pyramid roof.

Photography by Daniel Sturley

Photography by Daniel Sturley


Story of the build

Watch this space!



Project dates

08 Sep 2020 - On-going


History & heritage, Modern Architecture

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