Parks and Open Spaces - Birmingham loves them!

In and around Birmingham, there is so much to enjoy with great parks, open spaces, canals, nature and wildlife. There are so many spaces for people to visit and enjoy.

Birmingham is extremely proud of its parks and its open spaces.

With 571 parks covering a combined area of 14 square miles, this is more green open space than any other equivalent sized european city including Paris. 15 of Birmingham’s parks have received the prestigious Green Flag Award.

Cannon Hill Park. Photography by Karl Newton

The City’s parks play a major role in bringing people and community together and providing safe and family friendly environments where people can relax and enjoy nature on a walk or cycle ride in wonderful green and open spaces. 

Cycling in the park with Dad.  Photography by Christine Wright

For these reasons, Birmingham's Parks and open Spaces are treasured Gems.

 Fox Hollies Park. Photography by Tammie Naughton

Enjoy our freature including links to maps, trails, a wonderful gallery of photography, articles from our community and so much more.  See why Birmingham is so proud of its parks and open spaces. 


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