The Alexandra Theatre - A Birmingham Gem!

The Alexandra is a theatre on Suffolk Street Queensway in Birmingham. Originally built in 1900-01. Original entrance on John Bright Street. Extended to Suffolk St in the 1960s.

Where is The Alexandra?

The Alexandra Theatre is at Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham B5 4DS. The former entrance was on John Bright Street, and the original building runs up Station Street. It also runs along Suffolk Place.


In brief

The Alexandra first opened back in 1901 as the Lyceum Theatre on John Bright Street. It was renamed to the Alexandra Theatre a year later in 1902 following a change of owners. Rebuilt in Art Deco style in 1935. A new entrance bridge was built to Suffolk Street during 1967 to 1969. In 2006 it was renamed to the New Alexandra Theatre. In 2018 it reverted to The Alexandra, and the theatre entrance building was refurbished and reclad.

The AlexandraThe Alexandra from Suffolk Street Queensway (August 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Alexandra - history

The Alexandra Theatre has gone by many names over the years. Either known as The Alexandra, The Alex or more recently the New Alexandra Theatre (before going back to just The Alexandra). Construction of the theatre began in 1900 and it opened in 1901. The main entrance was originally on John Bright Street. The original architects was Owen & Ward and was built by William Coutts. It's original name was the Lyceum Theatre. After low ticket sales, it was sold in 1902 to Lester Collingwood and renamed to the Alexandra Theatre. Collingwood died in road traffic accident in 1910 and he was replaced by Leon Salberg, who died in his office at the theatre in 1938. In 1935 the theatre was rebuilt in the Art Deco style to a design by Roland Satchwell. After Leon Salberg's death, the running of the theatre was taken over by Derek Salberg. The Salberg family ran the theatre from 1911 until 1977.

The main entrance was relocated to Suffolk Street Queensway with a concrete bridge. This was built from 1967-69 from a design by the John Madin Design Group. The Art Deco interior of Satchwell was refurbished in 1992 by the Seymour Harris Partnership. In the last 25 years the ownership of the theatre has changed hands a few times. In 1995 it was taken over by the Apollo Leisure Group. Who brought many West End productions to The Alex. In 1999 they were bought by SFX Entertainment. In 2001 they merged with Clear Channel Entertainment. In 2006 it was taken over by Live Nation, then in 2011 it was taken over by Ambassador Theatre Group who renamed the theatre New Alexandra Theatre after a minor refurbishment. The main entrance on Suffolk Street Queensway was rebuilt and modernised in 2018 and the theatre was renamed back to The Alexandra Theatre. After being closed from March 2020, due to the pandemic, they are due to reopen on the 20th July 2021. The Show Must Go On.


The Alexandra TheatreThe Alexandra Theatre from Suffolk Street Queensway (April 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown


Alexandra TheatreAlexandra Theatre on Station Street next to The Victoria pub (February 2010). Photography by Elliott Brown


Alexandra TheatreAlexandra Theatre from Suffolk Place near John Bright Street (February 2010). Photography by Elliott Brown


New Alex Theatre Britain's Got Talent at the New Alexandra Theatre from Suffolk Street Queensway (January 2011). Photography by Elliott Brown


New Alex TheatreBirmingham Weekender at the New Alexandra Theatre from Suffolk Street Queensway (September 2017). Photography by Elliott Brown



The Alex Theatre Rebranded and recladded to The Alexandra, as seen from Suffolk Street Queensway (October 2018). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Alex Theatre The Alexandra at Suffolk Place near Suffolk Street Queensway. The Show Must Go On (August 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown


The AlexandraGetting ready to reopen. The Alexandra and 103 Colmore Row from Suffolk Street Queensway (July 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


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