Selly Manor (and Minworth Greaves) - Historic Gems in Bournville

Selly Manor is a timber framed building in Bournville. It was moved to its current site in 1916 by chocolate manufacturer and philanthropist George Cadbury. 

Where is Selly Manor (and Minworth Greaves)?

Selly Manor and Minworth Greaves are both located in Bournville at the corner of Sycamore Road and Maple Road.

B30 2AE.


Selly ManorSelly Manor and Minworth Greaves in Bournville (April 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown


In brief

George Cadbury purchased the old Selly Manor in 1907. It was re-erected in Bournville by W Alexander Harvey from 1912 to 1916. The history of Selly Manor and Minworth Greaves dates back to the 13th century. 

The site is now run as a museum by the Bournville Village Trust.


Selly Manor

The earliest records of the building date back to 1476. 

At the time it was called Smythes Tenemant and it belonged to William Jenette who was the lord of the sub-manor of Selly.

In 1561 it was leased to the balliff John Setterford and his family and was occupied by his descendants until 1699.

Throughout the 18th century, maintenance of the house declined.

By 1853, it was split into three cottages known as The Rookery. Following the death of the last owner, it was put up for sale by auction in 1907.

It was bought by George Cadbury, who had it relocated to Bournville on the now site at Sycamore Road and Maple Road. This was managed by the architect William Alexander Harvey with work starting in 1909 and finishing by 1916.

The following year it opened as a museum.

Selly Manor was given Grade II listing status in 1952.

Selly ManorSelly Manor (September 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown

There are several rooms on both floors of Selly Manor. This includes the Dining Room on the ground floor, and bedrooms on the first floor.

A visit to Selly Manor is highly recommended.  See website HERE for more details.

Selly ManorSelly Manor (September 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown


Minworth Greaves

This building was orginally located in Minworth near Sutton Coldfield.

It is thought to date to at least the 14th Century and even the mid 13th Century.

After it fell into disrepair, it was bought by George Cadbury and was re-built by Lawrence Cadbury in 1932 close to Maple Road in Bournville in the grounds of Selly Manor.

The restoration was overseen by William Alexander Harvey. It is a timber-framed building with infill.

In 1952, it was granted Grade II listing status. It is now open to the public and is also used to host exhibitions.

Minworth GreavesMinworth Greaves at Selly Manor (September 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown

It is open to the public as part of the Selly Manor site.

Minworth GreavesMinworth Greaves at Selly Manor (September 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown


Further details:

Selly Manor website

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Project dates

10 Jul 2019 - On-going


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