The Library of Birmingham, UK - A City Gem!

The Library of Birmingham, which opened in September 2013, is one of the most photographed of modern builds in the City. With so much to experience, a visit to the Library is a must!

The Library of Birmingham 


B1 2EA

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Photography by Daniel Sturley


Architect: Mecanoo (Netherlands based practice)

Construction: Led by Carillon


The building in brief

The building has been recognised for both its innovative design and for its positive social impact and has won numerous awards.

It is estimated to have cost £188.8 million to build. 


Photography by Elliott Brown

During construction

Photography by Elliott Brown

Construction completed (2013)

Photography by Elliott Brown

More photos to go here here plus some from inside library.


History of the Library

Prior to the new build, the Birmingham's Library called Central Library was situated in Chamberlain Square.  

This site is now occupied by One Chamberlain Square, one of the modern flagship builds of the Paradise scheme.

The Central Library just before the start demolition in 2016 - Daniel Sturley


Baskerville Basin (site of The Library of Birmingham)

Prior to work commencing on the library in 2010, archaelogists were on site revealing the history of Baskerville Basin.

Post image

Photography by Elliott Brown.

Part of the canal network used to stretch into what is now Centenary Square but this was filled in during the 1930s to make way for a proposed Civic Centre. The excavation revealed intact brick walls of Baskerville Basin and a private canal built circa 1810 called Gibson's Arm. 

The map below printed in 1880 shows Baskerville Wharf between Cambridge Street and Broad Street. 

1880 map


The Secret Garden and Discovery Terrace at The Library of Birmingham 

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The Shakespeare Memorial Room at The Library of Birmingham 

At the top of the Library inside the Golden Cylinder is the Shakespeare Memorial Room. The original room was designed by John Henry Chamberlain in 1882 and it was founded by George Dawson and friends who believed that Birmingham should be home to the world's greatest collection of books by Shakespeare.

Library of Birmingham

Photography by Elliott Brown.

Shakspeare Memorial Room

Photography by Elliott Brown


Project dates

08 Mar 2018 - On-going


Construction & regeneration, Modern Architecture


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