Winterbourne House & Gardens, Birmingham, UK - A City Gem!

Winterbourne House is one of Birmingham's great Gems. It was originally built as the family home of John & Margaret Nettlefold from 1903. Part of University of Birmingham since 1944.

Where is Winterbourne House & Garden?

Winterbourne House & Garden is located at 58 Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham.

B15 2RT


Brief introduction

Winterbourne House is a unique heritage attraction and is set within 7 acres of beautiful botanic gardens. and, amongst other things, is home to over 6,000 plant species. The project offers a great opportunity for people and community to share their love for history, heritage, nature and gardens.

It is now owned by the University of Birmingham.

Winterbourne House & Garden

University of Birmingham Green Zone sign from Edgbaston Park Road. (February 2013). Photography by Elliott Brown



History of Winterbourne

The house & garden was built for John & Margaret Nettlefold in 1903 as their family home. Local architect Joseph Lancaster Ball designed and built the house, which was completed in 1904.The Nettlefold's lived there until John's health got worse, and the house was sold in 1919. The property was bought by the Wheelock family who lived there until 1925. It was then purchased by John Nicolson, a local gardener and businessman. He was there until he died in 1944.

Winterbourne House

Winterbourne House from the garden (August 2008). Photography by Elliott Brown


It was then that the house & garden became property of the University of Birmingham, who have been maintaining it ever since. The house was restored during 2009 to 2010 to it's former glory.

Winterbourne House

Restoration of Winterbourne House from Edgbaston Park Road (December 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown


The gardens are open to the public, and there is a gift shop and tearoom, plus an Art Gallery.


House exterior

The main entrance to Winterbourne is via the door on the right hand side of the building. The exit is via the shop (entrance at the Walled Garden).

Winterbourne House


The Tearoom is open, and there are tables and chairs on the patio to sit at. The view here is from the Top Lawn.

Winterbourne HouseWinterbourne House (May 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


Tour of the House

The house gained full museum status in 2017, and is now open to the public. For a full tour go to this post: Winterbourne House & Garden visit May 2021. For more photos, click the gallery button.


The Drawing Room

Winterbourne House


The Study

Winterbourne House


The Nursery

Winterbourne House


Nina's Room

Winterbourne HouseInside Winterbourne House (May 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


The shop

The shop can be entered from the Walled Garden. It also leads to the second hand book shop. They also do plant sales. There is a one way system leading to the car park exit.

Winterbourne ShopShop from the Walled Garden at Winterbourne House and Garden (May 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Winterbourne Press

This building which is next to the shop holds old printing press machines. Currently only one person is allowed at each time.

Winterbourne PressThe Winterbourne Press at Winterbourne House and Garden (May 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


Garden tour

The Walled Garden

Walled Garden


The Gilbert Orchid House

Gilbert Orchid House


The Nut Walk

The Nut Walk


The Lime Walk

The Lime WalkWinterbourne House and Garden (May 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


Winter at Winterbourne House & Garden

The Nut Walk in the winter.

Winterbourne House & Garden

Winterbourne House & Garden (Winter 2017/18). Photography by Peter Leadbetter


Spring at Winterbourne House & Garden

The Nut Walk in the spring.

Winterbourne Garden

The Nutwalk at Winterbourne Garden (April 2018). Photography by Christine Wright


Summer at Winterbourne House & Garden

Decking in the shape of a ships deck which is no longer in the garden.

Winterbourne Garden

Ships Deck at Winterbourne Garden (August 2008). Photography by Elliott Brown


Autumn at Winterbourne House & Garden

The Walled Garden. This building houses the shop, and is currently the exit from Winterbourne.

Winterbourne House & Garden

Winterbourne House Gardens looking majestic (October 2019). Photography by Damien Walmsley



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