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Chamberlain Square

Chamberlain Square is where a modern and thriving Birmingham connects with the City's amazing history and heritage. 

Chamberlain Square is home to Birmingham's Town Hall and to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.   

Between 2010 and 2020, the square was completely redeveloped.

Chamberlain Square is at the heart of the Paradise scheme with One Chamberlain Square and Two Chamberlain Square being the two flagship builds of the Paradise development.  

Chamberlain Square. Photography by Mat Burling.

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Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is situated in Chamberlain Square, and first opened in 1885. The gallery was extended in 1911, and is above the Council House. Home of Big Brum clocktower.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is located in Birmingham's Chamberlain Square.

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery from Chamberlain Square (July 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown

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Entrance to the Museum and Art Gallery

Photography by Daniel Sturley

Birmingham Town Hall

Birmingham Town Hall is a Grade I listed building which is a concert hall and venue for popular assemblies. 

It was opened in 1834 and is situated in Victoria Square and Chamberlain Square. Birmingham Town Hall was also the first significant work of the 19th-century revival of Roman architecture. 

The Town Hall was built in 1834 by Joseph Hansom. When installed the Town Hall's 6,000-pipe William Hill concert organ was largest and most technologically advanced in the world. Between 1784 - 1912 the city hosted the Birmingham Triennial Music Festival and the Town Hall was built to cope with its popularity with greats like Felix Mendelssohn and Edward Elgar performing there.

The Town Hall closed in 1996 for refurbishment works. And renovation works were completed by 2007. It was reopened in 2008 by The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

Photography by Daniel Sturley

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Dishoom restaurant

Dishoom Birmingham can be found at One Chamberlain Square in Chamberlain Square. Here you can find a lovingly curated menu of Bombay comfort food and enjoy first-class drinks all day, every day.

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One Chamberlain Square 

One Chamberlain Square is a curvaceous 8-story building and a great example of how modern architecture can sit naturally alongside historic builds and complement a city's heritage. This is the first of the modern buildings to open as part of Argent's huge and transformative Paradise development. The building was designed by Eric Parry Architects and is home to international professional services firm pwc. 

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Two Chamberlain Square

Two Chamberlain Square has closely followed One Chamberlain Square in the developments to open as part of the Paradise complex. Two Chamberlain Square is a mixed use office retail development. 

Chamberlain Memorial

The Chamberlain Memorial was unveiled in 1880 in honour of Joseph Chamberlain (while he was still alive) It was sculpted by John Henry Chamberlain (no relation). Joseph Chamberlain had served as Mayor of the Town of Birmingham. Birmingham didn't gain City Status until 1889. Chamberlain was also a Town Councillor, and later served as a Birmingham Member of Parliament. The memorial is in the neo-gothic style.

Chamberlain Memorial (following a post development jet wash) courtesy Daniel Sturley

Thomas Attwood Sculpture

Thomas Attwood was the first Birmingham Member of Parliament (from 1832 to 1840). He founded the Birmingham Political Union in 1830 and in 1832 held a rally calling for Political Reform. The "sitting" statue was scupted by Sioban Coppinger and Fiona Peever.

The sitting scupture of Thomas Attwood in Chamberlain Square. Photography by Bethly Hallows. 

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