Introducing Centres for Pride of Place (West Midlands)

This feature explains more about an initiative from Values Shared that builds on the amazing "togetherness" achieved during the Commuonwealth Games of 2022. 

During the Commonwealth Games in 2022, people across Birmingham and the region came together with a shared sense of pride.

Values Shared is a new collaborative venture established to take forward that collective sense of pride, growing and supporting a regional community, connected, physically and digitally, for shared prosperity and social impact.


Even before the Commonwealth Games got underway, a large online community of people with a shared passion for place was starting to come together, using a new digital space called Community Passport to create and share digital content.

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Community Passport is a flexible and adaptable digital space for engaging and connecting community, business and local government in shaping and promoting place.

Working together people can:

Build and access their own library of resources.

Gather insight and knowledge through surveys and conversations.

Map local assets; create maps; and create trails.

Create and publish creative content.

Before long and with access to Community Passport, the entire city of Birmingham was mapped, with places featured, trails created and regular community generated content published.

Take our video HERE

Take our video HERE

Connect to Birmingham Gems map HERE

Connect to Birmingham Developments map HERE



We could not ask for a more perfect location for our first Centre for Pride of Place.

This CPOP will run out of the stunning Nature and Wellbeing Centre operated by Birmingham Settlement at the Birmingham Reservoir. 

Young people have already been actively engaged and involved in the mapping of local assets and the shaping of places at the Centre. 

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Working alonside charities and other Community Interest Companies, digital devices have been gifted to be used as part of programmes and campaigns to engage and involve people with limited or no access to the internet.

We are actively talking to charities such as The Good Things Foundation to make even more devices available.



it will enable more connected Centres for Pride of Place to be rolled out across the region.



it will enable more community generated content to be published on platforms managed by members of the community, who will be skilled and trained in the use of digital at bootcamps run at Centres and the proposed Academy for Pride of Place.

For Birmingham.

For Coventry.

For Dudley.

For Sandwell.

For Solihull.

For Walsall.

For Wolverhampton. 

For the entire region.

In addition,

work will start on a modern day Academy (for all ages) that focuses on Pride of Place, sharing knowledge and insight into what makes a great place to live, work and grow up in and developing the skills needed for shaping and making great places. 

 A first for the UK, and located right here in the West Midlands. 



Greater community connections and greater community cohesion through the sharing of passions and interests.


Far greater social, economic and community focus from the promotion of shared values. 

And finally,

it is only right that people and groups who contribute to growing "Pride of Place" should be recognised for the positive contribution they make to their place and their community.

Values Shared will be exploring the benefits and role of a community focused digital currency as a way of recognising the work of contributors by rewarding the neighbourhoods they represent. 



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