Cobb's Engine House and Chimney - an Historical Gem!

Cobb's Engine House and Chimney in the Black Country is also known as the Windmill End Pumping Station and dates back to 1831. 


Where is Cobb's Engine House and Chimney?

Cobb's Engine House and Chimney can be found in the beautiful and scenic area of Bumble Hole and Warren Hall Local Nature Reserves, located off the Dudley No. 2 Canal.

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In brief

Cobb’s Engine House was erected by Sir Horace St Paul in Circa 1831 and was later owned by the Staffordshire Mines Drainage Commission.

The Engine House was originally a three storey construction, with a cylinder floor at ground level, chamber floor above, and a bob or beam loft.

The Engine House housed a stationary Watt-type steam engine, which pumped water out of nearby mines for 97 years. The original engine was removed from the site in 1928 and transferred to the Henry Ford Museum in Michegan, USA.

The Engine House, although now disused, is the earliest surviving example of its type and one of the few engine houses left in the Black Country.

The structure is Grade II listed and a Scheduled Ancient Monument is maintained by Historic England.

Photography by Daniel Sturley.

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