Perry Barr Station, Birmingham, UK - Construction with Community

Perry Barr Station originally opened in 1837 by the Grand Junction Railway. Rebuilt when line electrified in 1966. Closed for redevelopment from 2021-22 ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Perry Barr Station history

The first station was built by the Grand Junction Railway in 1837, and was one of the oldest stations in the town of Birmingham, and one of the oldest continually used sites in the world. The Grand Junction became part of the London and North Western Railway, and then the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. When the railway became nationalised in 1948, it became part of British Railways, and later British Rail. The station was rebuilt in 1966 when the line was electrified as part of the London Midland Region's electrification programme. After privatisation in the 1990s, the station was operated by Central Trains (from 1997 to 2007), then London Midland (until 2017) and now West Midlands Railway.


Perry Barr Station

Perry Barr Station

Perry Barr Station

Perry Barr StationPerry Barr Station (August 2012). Photography by Elliott Brown


Regeneration of Perry Barr Station from 2021 to 2022

Work to rebuild Perry Barr Station began in May 2021. The station will be closed until around May 2022. Trains will not stop here until the station reopens. Passengers are advised to catch their train to the nearby Witton Station, or catch National Express West Midlands buses, such as on the 51. There is on going roadworks in the area, since the Perry Barr Flyover was demolished in February 2021, and there is usually a lot of traffic in the area. This is all anticipated to be finished by the time the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games starts in July 2022.

Perry Barr Station

Perry Barr Station

Perry Barr Station

Perry Barr StationPerry Barr Station (January 2022). Photography by Elliott Brown

Project dates

01 Feb 2021 - On-going


History & heritage, Construction & regeneration, Transport

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