Grove Park, Birmingham - A wonderful open space!

Grove Park is situated in Harborne, Birmingham. It was formerly the Kenrick estate. The park opened to the public in 1963. On Harborne Park Road, Grove Lane and Mill Farm Road.

Grove Park is located in Harborne along Harborne Park Road. It was created in 1963. 

Grove Park

Grove Park sign from Birmingham City Council on Harborne Park Road with the wrong date of 1936, should read 1963. (May 2012). Photography by Elliott Brown


Mill Farm Road is to the south of the park, which leads to the Kenrick Centre (named after the Kenrick family who used to live on the estate), while Grove Lane is to the west.

The park has car parking and a play area near Harborne Park Road, plus a small lake.

Play Area at Grove Park

Play Area and car park at Grove Park (January 2016). Photography by Elliott Brown


Buses routes include the 11A, 11C, 10S and 76.

iGo bus near Grove Park

iGo offering a Ring & Ride bus service near the Kenrick Centre. Seen from Grove Park on Mill Farm Road (Novembe 2018). Photography by Elliott Brown


History of Grove Park

The park was historically the grounds of The Grove, an 18th-century Georgian house. One of Birmingham's first MPs, Thomas Atwood lived at The Grove between 1823 and 1846.

Portrait of Thomas Attwood

Portrait of Thomas Attwood, MP for Birmingham. Seen in the Birmingham History Galleries at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (November 2012). Photography by Elliott Brown


The house was rebuilt for William Kenrick  (MP for Birmingham North and a local businessman) by famed Birmingham architect John Henry Chamberlain between 1877 to 1878. He died at The Grove in 1919. His son Wilfred Byng Kenrick inherited the house and grounds, and lived there until he died in 1962. The house and grounds were bequeathed to Birmingham City Council, the house was demolished in 1963, after which the grounds became a public space. A panelled anteroom of the drawing room from The Grove was saved from destruction and was acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Grove Park blue plaque

The blue plaque for Alderman W. Byng Kenrick unveiled in 1990 by the Birmingham Civic Society. Near the Kenrick Centre on Mill Farm Road, Harborne. Photography by Elliott Brown


Winter in Grove Park

Grove Park

The lake at Grove Park in Harborne (January 2016). Photography by Elliott Brown


Spring in Grove Park

Grove Park

Pink flower bushes at Grove Park in Harborne (May 2012). Photography by Elliott Brown


Autumn in Grove Park

Grove Park

Autumnal trees at Grove Park in Harborne (November 2018). Photography by Elliott Brown


Blossom trees at Grove Park in early Spring

The middle of March each year is probably the best time to see the pink cherry blossom on the trees in Grove Park, close to Harborne Park Road. You will see them if you get off the 11C bus.

Grove ParkBlossom trees at Grove Park from Harborne Park Road (March 2022). Photography by Elliott Brown

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