103 Colmore Row, Birmingham, UK - A Gem of a building!

103 Colmore Row in Birmingham is a 223,631 sq ft office tower, with 7,665 sq ft of restaurant space on the ground and top floors. Take our feature for the story of this impressive build.

103 Colmore Row


B3 3AG

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Photography by Daniel Sturley


Developer: Sterling Property Ventures

Architect: Doone Silver Kerr

Contractor: BAM

Enquiries: Knight Frank; Cushman & Wakefield; or Colliers International


In brief

At 108 metres tall. 103 Colmore Row, at the time of approval, was recorded as the largest new office building to be constructed outside London. It is most definitely one of Birmingham's modern architectural gems.

Following the demolition of the previous building and preparation of the new site, construction of 103 Colmore Row began in January 2016 and the exterior of the build was completed in November/December 2020. 

The developer is Sterling Property Ventures, the building contractor is BAM and the architect is Doone Silver Kerr. 103 Colmore Row is due to open in 2021. 

Artists impression of the final build credited to Doone Silver Kerr Architects.


From the same viewpoint, 5th April 2021. Photography by Daniel Sturley

103 Colmore Row latest photo, 22nd November 2021:

Photography by Daniel Sturley

Contained as part of this feature and accessible in the gallery are over 1,600 photos of the construction of 103 Colmore Row. Alternatively connect via 103 Colmore Row Full Construction Photo Gallery.


The story of the build

Developers Sterling Ventures submitted and received approval to build this new office tower on the land at that time occupied by the Natwest Tower.  At 108 metres tall, it would be the tallest office to be built in Birmingham, and the tallest, at that time, to be built in the UK outside of London.   

Artists impression of the final build credited to Doone Silver Kerr Architects.


Artists impression of the planned 7,665 sq ft restaurant credited to Doone Silver Kerr Architects.


The site was previously occupied by a building named the Natwest Tower.

The Natwest Tower, Birmingham (2014).  Photography by Daniel Sturley


The Natwest Tower launches a rainbow in a vain attempt to stay its' demise.  Photography by Daniel Sturley


January 2016

Demolition work commenced in late 2015 through early 2016.

Demolition of the Natwest Tower in September 2015.  Photography by Elliott Brown.


Demolition of the Natwest Tower in October 2015.  Photography by Elliott Brown.


Demolition of the Natwest Tower in January 2016.  Photography by Daniel Sturley.


Demolition of the Natwest Tower in February 2016. Photography by Daniel Sturley


Demolition of the Natwest Tower in March 2016. Photography by Daniel Sturley.


Site cleared for 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham.  Photography by Daniel Sturley.


November 2016

In November 2016, the site is cleared and was a big hole for a while.

Site cleared for 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham.  Photography by Daniel Sturley.


Site cleared for 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham.  Photography by Daniel Sturley


January 2018

In January 2018, the site remains a big hole.

Site cleared for 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham.  Photography by Daniel Sturley


May 2018

In May 2018, site preparation commences for the construction of 103 Colmore Row and by January/February 2019 foundations and the structure of the basement is well underway.

The view from Victoria Square in February 2019.  Photography by Elliott Brown


The site just before the core rises in May 2019. Photography by Stephen Giles


July 2019

By July 2019, significant progress has been made to the core of the building.

103 Colmore Row, Birmingham. Photography by Daniel Sturley


By the end of July 2019, the core reaches the 10th floor but is still not visible from Victoria Square.

Construction of 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham.  Photography by Daniel Sturley


Into August 2019, 103 Colmore Row can be seen rising from prime locations across the city.

Construction of 103 Colmore Row.  Photography by Alan Webb.


Construction of 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham.  Photography by Elliott Brown


September 2019

By September 2019, the prominence and size of this building really was becoming apparent. 

September 2019, now its getting big. Photography by Daniel Sturley


September 2019, with the 22 floor main core complete a 'min-core'  up to the 26th floor is added. Photography by Daniel Sturley


September 2019, the overrun concrete is removed. Photography by Daniel Sturley


See more photography taken at this time of the build in the It's Your Build 19th September Update Post

In September 2019, the second crane is installed on the 22nd floor main core with huge base weights.

Second crane is installed. Photography by Daniel Sturley


October 2019

October 2019 sees the start of the steel structure.

Start of the steel structure. Photography by Daniel Sturley


In November, the detail of the architecture can be seen from Newhall Street.

View from Newhall Street. Photography by Daniel Sturley


Massive steel supports for the Colmore Row set-back are installed.

Colmore Row set-back are installed. Photography by Daniel Sturley


103 Colmore Row next to the BT Tower!. Photography by Tom Grunt


New view from Victoria Square. Photography by Daniel Sturley


November 2019

By November 2019, the set-back structure is almost complete and the main crane is extended.

Set-back structure almost complete. Photography by Daniel Sturley


Main crane is extended and further tied to the core. Photography by Daniel Sturley


First floor slab of the main rise is completed over the set-back on Colmore Row. Photography by Daniel Sturley

December 2019

This huge structure teases us with great views across the city with more lower floors on the rise.

View from Centenary Way. Photography by Daniel Sturley


More lower floors on the rise. Photography by Daniel Sturley


View from Deritend. Photography by Stephen Giles


View from Ladywood. Photography by Stephen Giles


View from the Jewellery Quarter. Photography by Stephen Giles


January 2020

The huge mass of 103 Colmore Row really apparent as we move in to 2020. 

Starting to show it's full mass. Photography by Daniel Sturley


Bright construction lighting in the late afternoon. Photography by Reiss Gordon-Henry


February 2020

Fenruary 2020 sees the steel structure imposing itself and the start of the external cladding and glazing.

Steel structure imposing itself. Photography by Daniel Sturley


First of the cladding to be installed. Photography by Daniel Sturley


First reflection photo opportunity. Photography by Daniel Sturley


View from Great Charle Street. Photography by Alan Webb


View from Suffolk Street Queensway. Photography by Stephen Giles


View from the back of Grand Central (March 2020). Photography by Reiss Gordon-Henry


Cladding and the set-back giving more of a feel for the building's presence on Colmore Row (April 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


As reflected in Two Chamberlain Square (April 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


More cladding and glazing installed (May 2020). Photography by Reiss Gordon-Henry


View from Victoria Square (May 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


View from near the Bristol Road (June 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


View from Edgbaston Reservoir (June 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown


View from Margaret Street (June 2020). Photography by Reiss Gordon-Henry


The first main crane is removed (June 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley

July 2020

103 Colmire Row now close to being topped out.  

Getting very close to structural top-out (July 2020) as seen from Castle Bromwich. Photography by Elliott Brown


Structural top-out in July 2020 Photography by Elliott Brown


Cladding and glazing chasing up fast. (July 2020). Photography by Stephen Giles


View from Digbeth (August 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown


103 Colmore Row and the Museum and Art Gallery (August 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley

September 2020

September 2020 and we see the completion of the external glazing.

The glass facade on Colmore Row is complete (September 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


103 Colmore Row and the Birmingham City Council House in Victoria Square (October 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


103 Colmore Row from Cathedral Square at night (November 2020). Photography by Stephen Giles


103 Colmore Row almost fully clad (November 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley

December 2020 

Into December 2020 and the remaining crane is taken down.

103 Colmore Row (December 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


The remaining crane is taken down (December 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley

New Years Eve 2020

Superb spectacle over 103 Colmore Row as Laser passes over the completed external build. 

The New Year Rainbow Laser passes 103 Colmore Row (31st December 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


View from Tysley Station (2nd February 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


The fog hides the top of 103 Colmore Row (6th Februar 2021). Photography by Daniel Sturley

7th March 2021, 103 Colmore Row from Suffolk Street Queensway near the Mailbox.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

16th March 2021, 103 Colmore Row from Victoria Square.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

22nd March 2021, 103 Colmore Row at sunset.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

26th March 2021, Installation of the bolcony parapet glass.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

1st April 2021, 103 Colmore Row from Victoria Square.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

7th April 2021, 103 Colmore Row just before sunset.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

24th April 2021, 103 Colmore Row The day after St George's Day in Victoria Square.  Photography by Elliott Brown

3rd April 2021, 103 Colmore Row.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

17th April 2021, 103 Colmore Row with a partial rainbow.

Photography by Daniel Sturley

21st October 2021, with the City Council House Dome.

Photography by Daniel Sturley

7th November 2021, with the festive tree in Victoria Square.

Photography by Daniel Sturley

Latest photo, 22nd November 2021, reflecting a sunset sky.

Photography by Daniel Sturley

To be continued .....

Project dates

29 Jul 2018 - On-going


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